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Body Eclectic Skin Care – Our Mission, Our Gifts…





From the mists of childhood comes a long realized dream:  to create wondrous products that enhance one’s natural Beauty, heal the body and uplift the Spirit – and to do so using only Nature’s precious gifts. I’ve come a long way from the child who would gleefully use dandelion pollen for eye shadow (mulberry juice for lipstick, lilac and lily flowers for perfume, etc…); the curiosity spark for what I once termed “faerie make-up” (and passions for alchemy and chemistry) remained, simmering, for decades. It was in April 2006 that the epiphany emerged from its chrysalis and finally took flight: what a positive and whimsical endeavor it would be to recreate these types of natural products that everyone can use – and afford to use.





* Indulge.*



My products are designed to be a relaxing, healing and (most important!) sensual experience. From the base oil blends (a vegan blend specially created for its cleansing, soothing, emollient properties) to the wide array of organically grown herbs and flowers to promote natural healing (and enhance your pampering experience) – to the fragrant aromas of the different scents and ingredients: lots of passion and sensuality flows into each handcrafted product.



The colors you’ll see are as natural and varied as the colors Nature wears: you’ll find rich ochre and rusts, the creaminess of new milk, hues of verdant green, butter rich gold, spicy oranges, earthy browns and deep loamy indigos. Each ingredient is selected with care, and combined in exciting ways: almost all ingredients can be picked from a garden, grown in the wild, found at your local farmer’s market or discovered at any number of the growing international markets across the country (where delights the world over tempt the senses). My only request of you – with over 80% of the base ingredients being edible, many of the products look and smell good enough to consume: I beseech you not to lose yourself entirely and attempt to eat the products.





Thus, in Light and with the intent of Highest Good, I encourage you to do two things: to experience Body Eclectic’s pleasures for yourself (and PLEASE don’t be shy to drop me a line – I LOVE meeting new people) - and to let me be a humble inspiration to you: dust off that old box of childhood dreams and discover what it is that moves you to Passion. Laugh, Play, Take Good Care of Yourself, and Embrace your Dreams… and Never forget every moment is the right moment to stop, count your Blessings, and...



*Return to Your Own Divine Temple.*

***All Beings, in Light, will be Stars.***



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