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From the tropical islands of Tahiti and… Scotland?! – 

Comes a bewitching blend of fresh papaya pulp and mountain heather (one of my favorite flowers).

The flax and yarrow flowers within help keep your skin as bright and clear as a May morning in the Eildon Hills; coconut milk and ylang-ylang transport you to a sleepy summer day on the shores of Punaauia.

Maybe it’ll give you cool vacation ideas!

Available in: Solid Soap, Liquid Soap & Body Lotion (see Options)

"Bellatrix" Heather Ylang Ylang w/Papaya Puree

  • Heather, Coconut Milk, Papaya Pulp, Ylang Ylang. Decadently Demure!

    Solid Soap Ingredients: handmade solid soap base (purified water, lye, coconut, olive, safflower, grapeseed and castor oils, jojoba wax), coconut milk, ground yarrow, cardamom powder, heather flowers, puréed papaya pulp, ylang ylang essential oil, heather essential oil

    Liquid Soap Ingredients: handmade liquid soap base (purified water, potash solution, coconut, olive, grapeseed and castor oils), heather essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, organic pink food coloring

    Body Lotion Ingredients: handmade lotion base (purified water, olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilla wax, vegan stearic acid, citric acid, vegan emulsifying wax), heather essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil

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