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I don't need to remind folks visiting: Life these days is certainly... Interesting.


Being an Empath sometimes comes with periods of generalized, overarching, jumbled feelings of negative energies one would rather not contend with. A few months ago, i was hit with such a maelstrom of swirling conflictions - and was hit HARD. Sage smudging myself wasn't quite enough to cut through the energetic turbulence, so i created a sage, Himalayan cedar and bergamot essential oil blend in a body spray format: let's see those pesky negative energies stick around NOW.


It turned out said spray not only helped me regained Clarity, it also clears the air of nasty odors, and doubles as a deodorant spray, And destroys pet odors. AND works as an odor shield in the toilet (or, as I dubbed it, "Operation Preempive Strike")


Good stuff, guys. Plus it has ushered in a whole new era of product naming.



BBG ("B**ch Be Gone) Multipurpose Spray

  • Sage, Himalayan Cedarwood, Bergamot. Remove ALL Bitches!

    Ingredients: distilled water, grain alcohol (45% by volume), sage essential oil, Himalayan cedar essential oil, bergamot essential oil, naturally sourced vegetable oil emulsifier

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