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Pretty self explanatory, with a caveat: not only does it contain the ingredients necessary for pesky microbes to give up the proverbial ghost (for a little while), the blend of antibacterial / antiviral essential oils was designed to be power packed, yet gentle enough to leave your hands feeling and smelling wonderful. I also find it gentle enough to use on my face - because I believe in multipurpose products. and i'm Almost Always touching my face in some fashion.


Did i mention how FABULOUS this recipe smells?

"IGAF" Hand Sanitizer Spray

  • Ravensara based Sanitizer is Gentle on your Skin, Hard on Bicrobes!

    Hand Sanitizer Ingredients: distilled water, everclear (65% by volume), ravensara essential oil, rosemary essential oil, bergamot essential oil, lemon essential oil, lemon myrtle essential oil, naturally sourced vegetable oil emulsifier

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