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Timeless, powerful, classic and elusive...

This genteel scent will take you back to days gone by: we’ve taken a comfrey root and Irish moss based bar and added the sensual combination of gardenia, rosewood and patchouli essential oils, then kissed the top with rose petals, rosemary leaves and lavender buds.

Good for your grandmother – if your grandmother has a lot of fire in her eye and spring in her step, like mine did when she graced this Earth...

This one’s for you, “Bim” – I know you’d absolutely love it!

Available in: Solid Soap, Liquid Soap & Body Lotion (see Options)

"Nimue" Gardenia Rosewood Patchouli

  • Gardenia, Rosewood, Patchouli. Magically Delicious – Whimsically Fragrant!

    Solid Soap Ingredients: handmade solid soap base (purified water, lye, coconut, olive, safflower, grapeseed and castor oils, jojoba wax), elder flowers, comfrey root, patchouli leaf, Irish moss, Bulgarian rose petals, lavender flowers, rosemary leaves, chamomile flowers, patchouli essential oil, rosewood essential oil, gardenia fragrance oil

    Liquid Soap Ingredients: handmade liquid soap base (purified water, potash solution, coconut, olive, grapeseed and castor oils), gardenia fragrance oil, patchouli essential oil, rosewood essential oil, organic teal food color coloring

    Body Lotion Ingredients: handmade lotion base (purified water, olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilla wax, vegan stearic acid, citric acid, vegan emulsifying wax), gardenia fragrance oil, patchouli essential oil, rosewood essential oil

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